Speakers Bureau

Mary Ann Ahrens

  • Membership Matters: Building Membership with Vision, Visibility and Vitality
  • Women in Politics  (includes 2013 Iowa Legislative Survey)
  • Connecting our Generations through Recruitment, Retention and Recognition (includes AAUW 2013 Member Survey Report)

Jane Nettleton                        

  • How to Design and Conduct a Candidate Forum
  • Making Your Voice Heard at Public Meetings

Jan Heinicke                          

  • 3 Issues that Impact Our Global Neighborhood (our global neighborhood is shrinking and the issues in that neighborhood affect women everywhere)

Maureen White                     

  • Gender Balance on Appointed City and County Boards and Commissions

Iowa Lakes Community College Resources

Marshalltown Community College Resources

Cheryl Mullenbach

Cheryl is available to speak on the topics listed below as well as several others.  Please contact her directly regarding topics, fees, and availability.


  • Iowa’s Misbehaving Women
  • Did Iowa Elect First Woman?

Diane Patton

Diane will speak with branches about AAUW Funds (fundraising and scholarship policy and impact)

Diane Patton
1829 Waterbury Circle
Ames IA 50010

712-830-0329 cell


Dr. Jane Caldwell

I am a food scientist, microbiologist, inventor and a member of the 1980s wave of women professionals (sometimes incorrectly dubbed ‘super women’). I am prepared to speak on any of these topics including my experiences with harassment in the work place, giving up life in the fast lane to be a full-time Mom and obtaining my PhD at the highly advanced age of 55.

Dr. Jane M. Caldwell
Director of Research and Development
TransAgra International
101 Gilbert Street
Storm Lake, IA 50588



If you would like a speaker for a specific topic not currently included in the list above, please contact Maureen White.