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Women’s Athletics and Women’s Voting RightsAAUW UNI AWARD PICTURE

Representatives of organizations that are members of the 19th Amendment Centennial Commemoration Committee (19th ACCC) are presenting plaques to the women’s basketball programs at UNI, ISU, U of Iowa, and Drake this basketball season. The UNI women’s volleyball program with receive a plaque in the fall of 2020. The presentations are in recognition of the centennial, and of the coaches’ financial contributions toward 19th Amendment activities. Thank you, coaches.

A presentation occurred on February 9 at the University of Northern Iowa women’s basketball game. The next is scheduled for February 22 at the University of Iowa women’s game. Representatives of AAUW Iowa, a participating organization in the 19th ACCC, were involved in the presentations.

Lobby Day 2020

On February 12, eight AAUW members gathered at the Statehouse to talk with legislators about voting restoration, reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers, human trafficking, and gender pay equity. Representatives Mary Wolfe and Phyllis Thede, who are also AAUW members, stopped in to talk about legislation and issues.

It’s sometimes difficult to find legislators at a time when they are available for a few minutes, so we left information about issues for those we were unable to reach in person. Capitol Corps members will also continue to make contacts throughout the session. And of course we rely on branch and state leaders, as well as member, to also contact legislators.