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Distinguished Faculty Award

Dr. Regina Matheson has served as the named AAUW representative for St Ambrose University for most of her career at St. Ambrose.  In that role she has introduced many others to AAUW, including Dr. Lisa Powell,  who is Director of the Women and Gender Studies program and Curriculum Coordinator for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at SAU, and who also  initiated Regina’s nomination.

Dr. Matheson started her journey at St. Ambrose in 2000, as one of very few new, junior, female faculty members. Her experience in the Sociology Department, as the only female faculty member certainly shaped what she experienced. Female students and colleagues naturally gravitated to her as a mentor and colleague. As such, her interest in supporting women in the profession and understanding the unique experiences of women in various social institutions was fueled.

Dr. Powell, said, “Her knowledge and ability in the study of statistically data merged with her sincere interest in sociology which has served us all well as she began speaking and publishing in 1995” Her research includes: “The Influence of HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Sexual Behavior on Sexual Responsibility among College Students.” 1995  American Sociological Association, Washington, D.C.  In 2011 “Gender and Communication,” Women’s Bar Association, Rock Island, Il and Scott County, IA.  In 2022 Dr. Matheson and William W. Parsons presented “COVID and the Changing Nature of Work,” at the Midwest Sociological Society Conference, Chicago, IL.

And the big one just published 2023  The Pink Wave: Women running for office after Trump, with William W. Parsons, PhD. New York University Press.

Their book provides a comprehensive picture of the campaign experience for women running in state legislative races across the country in the 2018 and 2020 hotly contested election cycles. After the 2016 election, the number of women interested in running for office increased, creating a pink wave of women running across all levels of government. The first question that was sought, was why?
Dr. Matheson is now the the Associate Vice President of Academic Grants and Sponsored Programs and continues to teach classes in sociology, marriage and family, and methods and statistics.



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