State Officers and Directors

AAUW Iowa Elected Officers 2018 – 2019

President Ann Stansbury Johnson
Program Co-Vice President
Ann Henninger-Trax
Program Co-Vice President Pat Higby
Membership Vice President Elaine Kresse

Janie Montag

Secretary Angie Fay

AAUW Iowa Appointed Directors 2018 – 2019

Nominations Committee Director
Kathie Farris
Nominations Committee SW: Jane Goldsmith
Nominations Committee NE:
Nominations Committee SE: Jo Richey
Nominations Committee NW:
AAUW Fund Director Nancy Henderson
 Social Media
Bylaws Director Jo Treadwell
College/University Relations Director
Communications and Newsletter
Ann Gale
Diversity Director Carlotta Knox-Seymour
Gender Equity Director Dev Kiedaisch
International Relations Director
Public Policy Director Maureen White
Web Manager/Technician Lois Enger
Past President Ann Gale